Extending compassionate hands and hearts for those who need our help

It can be frustrating to handle your health challenges at home without proper guidance and a regular companion that can monitor your well-being at any time of the day. We understand your struggle, and we wish to help you in every way we can.

Pennie’s Staffing Agency provides skilled care services in the privacy of our clients’ homes. We have a set of qualified staff ready to provide personal care tasks and companion/sitter tasks suitable to our client’s needs and preferences. We aim to serve everyone in the community who needs the level of care we provide.

Types of clients we serve

We provide in-home care for the elderly, individuals who suffered a traumatic brain injury, and those who are autistic, medically fragile, intellectual disability, handicapped, and more.

Services we offer

Additional Services

Along with the aforementioned, we also provide hospice care to patients nearing their end of life, so they get to experience a comfortable, easy transition and cherish lots of memories with loved ones before their parting. We also have family-centered services for our patients’ bereaved families.

Your care starts the moment you make a choice today.

Keep us updated. If you’re ready to talk about your desired care plan, schedule your appointment date with us. If you need more time to think and have more questions, allow us to answer them by clicking here. We are awaiting your response!